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Lauren Duke

Sh!t House Lauren Duke

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Sh!t House by Lauren Duke... Lauren works next door at Gather ( possibly the best yoga studio in town ) right next door to our shop here in Encinitas. She wrote a wild book about her wild childhood. It's worth a read. 

In this compassionate and gritty real-life fairytale the author, Lauren Dollie Duke, shows how it’s possible for good people to do bad things and what it takes to create peace with where you come from in order to find true happiness.  

This raw and humorous account about trauma, transcendence and resilience challenges the binary of good vs. evil. It lays out the evolution of shame psychology and intergenerational trauma seeking to answer the question of how we unravel ourselves from the history and patterns of our families.
Sh!thouse will make you want to investigate your own historical patterns, examine all of your relationships, and forgive everyone, including yourself.

It’s a tether to our shared humanity which reminds us there is belonging in the world no matter how horrific it was to start. It is a beautifully written map that draws back to the personal root of where sabotaging behavior, shame and limitation is born.

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